Friday, May 13, 2011

Why blog?

So Dustin has been asking me for months why I haven't started my own blog.  It's true that I do enjoy reading other people's blogs I wasn't really all that sure that this was right for me.  But the reality is that I am forgetful... and my mind is full of "important things" all day long.  I spend a ton of time remembering patient details, medical histories, plans of care, medication details, shopping lists, birthday lists, car repairs and other stuff that I forget about the phase of Beckett's life when he would say, "have it", "touch it", "hold it" for everything he wished he could get his little 2 year old hands on.  So this will be my way, my way of remembering those little things that I don't want to loose about the most important people in my life.  This will be my place to remember funny moments between Dustin and I, hiking adventures with Beckett and the trials and tribulations of trying to get Harper to eat something besides carbohydrates, because one day I will forget just how hard I've been working to feed her!

This is the document of how I am building a cathedral that I will never see finished in the lives of my children.

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  1. So proud of you babe. You're such a remarkable woman and an even better mother. Hugs.